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Who We Are

Bob Smith (Rear Admiral, USN Ret.) - Chairman

Bob holds a Masters Degree in Math & Aerospace Engineering. He is a decorated Combat Fighter Pilot with 132 missions flown in Korea. He served as a test pilot and astronaut candidate in the Mercury Program and as Project Director of the B-2 Bomber program. Bob is well known in the EV industry, having worked with GM, Ford, and the Electric Vehicle of America Association.

Maceo Ward - CEO

EV Tech’s CEO has been engaged in Global Corporate, Business, and Infrastructure Development, including Operations, IT Systems, Product & Technology Development, Sales & Marketing Management, Capital Acquisition, Capacity Expansion, Mergers & Acquisitions, Key Personnel Recruitment, and Joint Venture Development for entrepreneurial start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. He has a tremendous history of value creation within the Semiconductor and Microelectronics industry and related Technology Sectors working with companies such as Motorola, Texas Instruments, Intel, IBM, Chartered, Samsung, Applied Materials, and others. Mr. Ward’s insightful commercial acumen provides the ideal complement to EV Tech’s technology innovation and the company’s ability to pioneer new product applications into the marketplace.

Doug Canfield - President

Doug is an electromechanical engineer with more than 30 years of controls engineering, systems integration, and electric vehicle development experience.

Doug has worked on vehicle systems with major manufacturers such as GM (EV1 and S-10 electric) and Ford (Electric Ranger and Th!nk Car programs) as well as electric vehicle charging infrastructure development programs with the Department of Energy, ECD/UNI-SOLAR. From 1996 to the present, Mr. Canfield has served as President of EV Tech, Inc. He has been involved in the development of electric vehicle drive systems and sub systems, systems integration, energy efficient A/C systems development for electric vehicles, infrastructure development and building of on-site renewable energy and storage at electric vehicle charging sites. Prior to that, he was with Colmer Semiconductor in their EV POWER division as lab manager for electric vehicle R&D projects with customers ranging from General Motors to the U.S. Department of Energy. Doug has also been engaged as a consulting engineer with many companies including Davis Technologies International on their active suspension systems for hybrid and electric vehicles, vehicle design and systems integration.

Samuel Y. Liu - Director of Business Development

Sam brings over 10 years of global sourcing and business development experience to his current role as Director of Business Development at EV Tech Inc. After successful tenures in Business Development and Investor Relations with Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) in Shanghai, China, Sam continued as a private global sourcing consultant until joining EV Tech in 2008 as the Director of Worldwide Supply Chain. Sam is also a founder of Brady-Liu Technologies LLC, an IT consulting firm specializing in software and app creation as well as hardware development and sourcing.

Randall Coburn, MS EE - Design Engineering Manager

Randall specializes in electrically powered vehicle systems integration and controls as well as designing and developing firmware for integrated control systems. He comes from the field of distance education where he designed, built, maintained, and managed TV studios used for graduate engineering education. Randall was a pioneer in the use of streaming video in distance education.  He supported research at The University of Texas at Arlington in the fields of Civil, Electrical, Bio-medical, Aeronautical, and Mechanical Engineering. He has consulted on entrepreneurial projects from emergency lighting retrofits of older skyscrapers to electric fire ant traps.  His hobbies include Art, Astronomy, Auto Mechanics, Camping, and Photography.  In his spare time he volunteers as an engineering and algebra teacher for high school students. He is a 25-year member of the Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club.

Leo Davis - Consulting Engineer

Leo is an Electro-Mechanical Engineer and holds 19 patents.  He is recognized globally for the advancement of mining industry vehicle design and is credited with design of the “World’s Largest Electric Drive Vehicles and Advanced Suspension Systems".  Leo was CEO and founder of Davis Technologies International, winner of several Small Business Innovation Research Awards.







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