Mobile Fleet Fueling Management


Liberty’s Mobile Fleet Fueling app replaces fueling cards for alt fuel vehicles such as EVs and CNG.

Product Description

Current Fleet Fueling Management systems run on top of point-of-sale (POS) data acquisition networks. While these are usually available at most gas stations, they are not likely to be present where electric vehicle service equipment (EVSE) and compressed natural gas (CNG) pumps are located. Liberty is working with leaders in the industry develop and deploy a next generation system where the smartphone acts as the data input terminal.

Drivers launch the fleet fueling app on their smartphone and enter their driver ID, vehicle ID and odometer reading. This data is sent over the cellular network to the management company for verification. If the fueling session is approved, the authorization code is transmitted to the phone and then to the EVSE or CNG pump via Bluetooth and fueling commences. When the fueling session is complete the phone “pulls” the fueling data and pump maintenance codes (if any) into the phone and transmits these to the server. No need for an on-site POS or network! This system can also be the next generation replacement for many aging card lock systems.

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