Workplace Charging


Liberty Enabled EV chargers are a cost effective alternative to EV charging networks and protect the privacy of employees in the process.

Product Description

Businesses of all sizes are installing electric vehicle (EV) chargers to help their employees (and themselves) reduce their carbon footprint. With Liberty’s Synchronous Codes system employers create charge authorization codes and issue them to employees and guests, who simply plug in their vehicle and enter the code on the keypad of the charger which activates the flow of electricity. No account fees or transaction fees to pay, and no membership key fobs to keep track of!

To help employers manage the EV charging activity, Liberty’s pay-by-phone (PBP) partners have developed Workplace Charging Management programs that collect charging fees, record usage and maximize utilization of the chargers without the company having to expend precious internal resources. All of this with no cost to the company….the system is paid for by the driver thru a small credit card transaction fee.

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