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The plus one factor that has always kept EV Tech a notch ahead of the competition in the industry is its competent leadership and their magnanimous vision. It’s their keenness and adeptness with the latest crests and troughs of the technological industry encompassing various domains like engineering, sales, finance and marketing, that has enabled the company to maintain focus and continue to expand into developing markets. EV Tech’s leadership inspires and motivates its staff and clients to look beyond the horizon toward new opportunities for mutual growth and development. The team has a knack for technological innovation spanning the fields of engineering and design of electric motor systems and components for electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and energy generation and storage products to

semiconductor and microelectronics engineering and is a phenomenon in its own right. The leadership is well experienced and well trained. We have people in the hierarchy who have had experiences with clients of some of the world’s largest companies. These include multinational giants like Motorola, Intel, IBM, Samsung, Ford, and a few more. However, it’s not only international organizations and corporate giants that have been served by our experienced leadership. They have had the taste of entrepreneurship and business startups as well, making them adept to the challenges and hurdles faced by new struggling businesses. Their experience ranges from sales and marketing, capital acquisition, financial expansion and calibration all the way to electric powered systems and component to renewable energy projects and infrastructure development. This speaks of the vast professional experience of our highly capable leadership team.