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EV Charging Systems

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EV Charging Systems

Our EV Charging Solutions are currently used by electric utilities, fleet operators, corporations, and private individuals to dramatically reduce carbon footprints and energy expenditures.

CS Series

Inside its outdoor-rated (NEMA 4) enclosure, this unit is loaded with convenience and safety features. Smart software automatically self-checks the unit and resumes charging after minor faults. Fully automatic, self-checking ground-fault protection eliminates the need for monthly testing by the user. The Service Ground Monitor constantly checks for proper safety ground, and the External Control Input allows control from any smart meter (AMI), billing or load-management device. And the time-delayed and randomized Cold Load Pickup allows re-energizing of the unit after power outages. The CS line offers multiple currents so you can charge at the highest rate possible and always keep vehicles fully charged.

HCS Series Chargers

VERSATILE. POWERFUL. RELIABLE. ClipperCreek’s HCS charging stations come in a variety of power levels, as hardwired or plug-in units, and with multiple pedestal mount options. Recent additions to the HCs product line include the HCS-40R, a ‘ruggedized version of the popular HCS-40; and chargeGuard© , a simple key -based access control


The LCS-25 presents the ideal solution for home charging. The smallest level 2 unit in the industry, close to 5kW is packed in its compact size and makes installation by your electrician quick and easy, indoors or out. It’s guaranteed to keep your car at full charge, and easy-to-see lights indicate charging status. The built-in cord hanger keeps the cord and connector out of the way, and since it’s hardwired, there are no plugs that are dangerous to little fingers. Smart reclosure software self-checks the system and automatically resumes charging after minor power interruptions. The fully automatic Ground Fault protection self-check feature eliminates the need for monthly user testing, and the Service Ground Monitor constantly checks for proper safety ground.