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We are leading the charge for innovation in Electric Drive System applications.

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EV Tech provides full-service consulting for design development and feasibility studies for electric, hybrid electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. We also provide infrastructure and energy management consulting services to both the public and private sectors for renewable energy, load management, distributed generation, energy conservation and on-site generation.’

Design & Development

EV Tech can aide in the design, development, and integration of engineered  and ancillary for electric and hybrid vehicles and specific platforms for special purpose vehicles for both military and civilian applications. Our years of experience have made us an industry leader in the rapid development and cost-conscious deployment of the most advanced technology available for a client’s project.


EV Tech has built and installed Electric Vehicle (EV) Infrastructure since 1996. Our EV Charging Solutions are currently used by electric utilities, fleet operators, corporations, and private individuals.
We offer full-service solutions from basic Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) and Charging Stations to complete Access Monitoring & Control, Energy Management and Data Acquisition Systems.
EV Tech was an early pioneer of solar energy for charging stations in 1997 and continues to add components that reduces the demand on the electric grid through the integration of energy management, distributed generation, and off-peak on-site energy storage.

Custom Fabrication

EV Tech Inc. has over twenty-five years of experience in the design, engineering, and development of a wide range of custom and prototype vehicles, ranging from light electric vehicles to buses and military vehicles. Our streamlined design engineering process and rapid prototype development can turn ideas into working reality on schedule and within budget every time. Don’t believe us? Test us with an initial project. Our work will speak for itself.


EV Tech works closely with clients during the prototype stage of projects, continuously keeping clients updated and in-the-loop on project progress and advising on any design changes needed to meet the agreed upon specifications of the finished product.

Our range of prototyping is extensive and in keeping with our comprehensive product and service model, specifically designed and structured to develop everything from Motors and Controls for Drive Systems to Energy Management Systems for Charging Infrastructure to Vehicle Platforms for both on- and off-road applications.

Assembly & Conversions

Our facilities are equipped to provide components and integrated systems for electric vehicles from the ground up or for assembling electric vehicles based on a kit system. We also design and consult on high-quality commercially-viable conversions of internal combustion engine vehicles to electric drive for a broad range of vehicles including cars, delivery vehicles, and transit buses. These conversions can save our clients as much as 50% cost compared to new electric vehicle purchases.