EV Tech Charging Accessories

Our Charging Accessories comprise a meticulously designed assortment of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) seamlessly compatible with the P200 stainless steel or P220 pedestal, thanks to a specialized conversion bracket. Embrace unparalleled flexibility as you experiment with different components, creating a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality tailored to your specific charging site.

EV Tech Pedestals

Discover the resilience of EV Tech stainless steel pedestals, designed to withstand the elements. These pedestals are not only robust but also visually appealing, providing an inconspicuous option when wall mounting is impractical or unpreferred.

Cellular Gateways

EV Tech Gateways provides the most straightforward solution for accessing the internet with your chargers. Whether your site lacks direct wiring capabilities or struggles to support a professional-grade router, our Gateway steps in with hassle-free 4G connectivity. Easily link your chargers to the EV Tech Gateway wirelessly and witness the transformation of your charging infrastructure.

Cable Management

Our cable management systems are here to safeguard your EV charger cables for the long term. Select from single or double management configurations to ensure tidy and efficient cable organization.

Promo Boards

EV Tech’s Promo Boards offer a stylish and informative means to transform your EV charging station into a versatile marketing or educational platform. Employ them to display user instructions, event reminders, or advertisements for your business, enhancing the overall experience of your charging station.