Depot & Gas Station

Depot & Gas Station

Meeting The Needs of Traveling EV Customers

EV Tech can help your location enhance operations and increase revenue with low cost autonomous solutions. Our technology optimizes the usage of available power from the utility, while protecting the local electrical systems from dangers of overloading even when multiple chargers are being used simultaneously. We also offers flexible implementation options to suit your ideal number of chargers.

  • Simplest Way to Charge Your EV

  • EV OS for Network Operator

  • Total EV Charging Service Automation

EV Retail Charging & Infrastructure

Snow Sports

Multi-Site Management

Remotely configure from a central management console, with automated diagnosis and 24/7 self-repair.

Snow Sports Events

Flexible Implementation

No expansive infrastructure upgrade is necessary. Install more chargers to fulfill the booming EV trend, as needed.

Ski Areas and Parks

Works Intuitively

With autonomous operation, you have a management console for a specified group of users and detailed charging history.