House & Home

House & Home

Charging From Home

We can help you charge your EV from home with a low-cost autonomous solution. As the price of gasoline skyrockets, people are looking for alternative energy solutions. You can really increase energy efficiency and save money with an electric vehicle. Just charge it while parked in the garage or carport!

  • Simplest Way to Charge Your EV

  • EV OS for Network Operator

  • Watertight – Indoor or Outdoor Use

Fully Charged At Home

Ski Areas and Parks


Up to six times faster than a standard level 1 charger. Delivers up to 25 miles of RPH.

Snow Sports

EV Compatibility

US standard universal connectors, compatible with the most popular EV models.

Snow Sports Events

Safe, Reliable, Durable

Watertight, constructed for indoor or outdoor use. Impact resistant; undamaged by formation of ice.