Multi-Family Residential

Multi-Family Residential

Monetize Tenant Parking

For managers of multi-family residential: a recent study by J.D. Power shows that 88% of EV owners usually charge at home —almost always overnight or while the car is parked for a significant amount of time. Ease of use with an electric car depends in part on how easy it is to recharge at home and how much it costs.

EV charging attracts and retains valuable, electric vehicle-driving residents. Also, EV charging is a great source of increased revenue for multi-family residential or multi-unit dwellings. We can help enhance operations and increase revenue with low cost autonomous solutions.

  • Easy, Automated Charger Management

  • Save on Installation Costs

  • Monetize Your Investment

EV Fleet Charging & Infrastructure

Snow Sports Events

Flexible Implementation

No expansive infrastructure upgrade is necessary. Install more chargers to fulfill the booming EV trend, as needed.

Ski Areas and Parks

Autonomous Management

With autonomous operation, you have a management console for a specified group of users and detailed charging history.

Snow Sports

Multi-Site Management

Remotely configure from a central management console, with automated diagnosis and 24/7 self-repair.